Monday, May 19, 2014

Realm of Indigo - Flash Story

            On the mantelpiece was the book I swore to forget about, thanks to him. When we first met, he saw the book I clutched to my chest and when he asked me what it was, I told him with a smile on my face. He laughed then took it from me and placed it there, claiming that I no longer needed it. Now that he was in my life, I no longer needed my Book of Lost Dreams, as I called it when I first received as a child. When I asked him just why I had to leave it there, he took my chin in his hand and lifted me up to kiss him. His kisses still remind me of an Autumn day when the winds begin to cool and the trees scratch the ground with their skeletal arms. He came to me when I was fragile and dangerous to myself, when the world needed to be careful in speaking about me behind my back. I heard the whispers and felt the eyes upon me and it took many nights of sleeping with my eyes open in order to chase the nightmares away. Yet, when he appeared, I felt as though I was still dreaming and had refused to wake up. He told me his name was Sylvain and that he had come to wake me up. So, I let him. His lips touched mine and I felt the burn seep through my skin and prick my eyes. He then took me away to his realm in which the sun never rose and the skies were in constant indigo shade. There are shadows of trees as far as my eyes can see, each with a nocturnal glow that pulse with every breath they take. He brought me to his lair and loved me completely that night.
With every touch, I felt myself twist and turn and split into many pieces, only to form a body once again. He whispered my name in my ear and I felt something die within me. Was it my soul, or perhaps my walls? When at last I fell to the floor, he gently picked me up and carried me to his bed and told me to sleep. When I slept, I did not dream. When I awoke, he stood over me and told me that he had to take me back. I nodded and soon, with a flurry of raven’s wings, I was home, standing in the room with the book that still stood on the mantelpiece. I picked it up and saw the sticky dust crawl across the cover. As much as I wanted to open it, I remembered his words of telling me not to. It was my book, my lost dreams. Every time someone had done me wrong, I wrote it in the book. Every time I felt my heart break after giving it to someone who did not deserve it, I wrote it in the book. The pages were soon covered with my writing, my words that would never come true. Sylvain loved me and told me that I no longer had any need for such emptiness. He burned my book in a fire then swept me back to his realm, where we drank absinthe and stared at the moon hanging low in the sky like ripe fruit. When he touched me again, I felt the cold bitter breezes blow through my hair and realized then that I was dead. 

(copyright 2014 Kimberly Richardson)

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