Friday, May 9, 2014

A Place To Sit - Photographs

Although I am no Ansel Adams, I do enjoy taking photographs of things that interest me. Whenever I am out, my eyes roam all over the place, searching for things that would appeal to me in such a way in that I have to capture it as a photograph at that moment. Sometimes, I love taking photographs of things that are ordinary; even in the ordinary lies the extraordinary. 

Benches are one of those things.

I like taking photos of benches because I feel that they tell a story: what happened here perhaps a month ago or even five minutes ago? Did someone breakup with their lover, or maybe someone sat there with a good book and five minutes of solitude? Whatever their history, benches are silent sentinels, eternally waiting for the next addition to the collected tales they have savoured for years.

Here are some of my favourite benches:

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