Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Love Affair With Books

So it was that I just finished watching the film 84 Charing Cross Road starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. This delightful and charming film is about the real life friendship between feisty New York writer Helene Hanff and British bookseller Frank Doel that spanned over 20 years. It all began with an ad in a literary magazine that catches the eye of Ms. Hanff, prompting her to order books from the antiquarian bookstore of Marks and Co. in London, England.

This film is a love letter to books and to all who simply adore them like myself. The feel and smell of books is an experience that can not be duplicated by anything else. A book, especially an old book, is a treasure that can be enjoyed by all. I even have perfume that smells like old paperbacks. Yes, it is rather like that.

When I read the book some time ago, I felt a sense of kinship between Helene and Frank; my love of books has been with me ever since I learned how to read. Although I am now a published and award winning author, I will drop almost anything for a book. Books are like a dearest friend, a candid lover, an older guide in Life and a trusting soul, each with their own stories to tell  to the world. The film does the book great justice and as stated before, is a delight to watch.

If you are a lover of books, you owe it yourself to watch the film and read the book. You will not be disappointed by either.

Now, if you don't mind, I've got a couch, a hot cup of tea and a book with my name on it for tonight.

Happy Reading.

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