Saturday, March 15, 2014


When people ask me, "Kimberly, where do you get your ideas from?", I always tell them that my mind never shuts down and is always processing and creating. The ideas I had for two new short stories today were so vivid that it felt like bubbles in my brain. Being creative is unlike any experience out there and I know I am "stuck" with this for the rest of my life. Although it can be seen as both a blessing and a curse, I am lucky to have it in my life.

In the past seven years, I have befriended many artists, writers, photographers and other creative folk who are just like me: brain working overtime as they get "that feeling" when a new idea captures them. They have to get it out, no matter the form, no matter the situation. I have seen artist friends actually get a glazed look in their eyes when a new idea strikes them. They immediately look for pen and paper and when they do receive their materials, go off into their own world.

Same with us writers: getting an idea in our heads turns into pages, chapters, words that make so sense yet we understand it. We thrive from our words. It is what fuels us. The more we write, the more we create.

Creativity - a dangerous deity that loves its servants.

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