Monday, January 6, 2014

Bonjour 2014!

Now that I can safely see 2013 in my rear view mirror, I am happy that 2014 is here! This is a new year filled with new challenges, explorations and discoveries as well as lessons learned, moments of enlightenment and a chance to let go of what holds you back from living your life.

So, welcome 2014! Let's see what you got!


She won’t be here tomorrow-
the bus she always puts off tomorrow,
tomorrow, and tomorrow -
finally, finally here.
Too many loose ends to cut off
or stash away until we have more time
to discuss them all.
I wish I could love her
like she deserves.
Regrets, too many.
Wishes, unspoken.
Kisses, dry and unfeeling.
So now, I help her to the bus
and that is that.

22 August 2006

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