Saturday, December 21, 2013

poem - 17 October 2006

Throwing a stone across a pond causing ripples -
each linked to one another in the grand
scheme of things. The stone represents
changes and what one looks forward to in life
when boredom and ennui are rampant.
Lakes, rivers, ponds all: the source of breathing
and a feeling of existing, of simply
existing, moving beyond what we know as trivial.
Too often, people expect too much
and receive too little, their stones
creating ripples too messy and fractured
to take in with any sense of responsibility.
Shall a painted stone bring any relief
to the mundane? Shall a feather?
Whispered words taken directly from
direct meanings? Are the ripples meant to be
more than life: the universe tapered in a single act,
condensed and wrapped strictly for those with
limited depth? Pity felt - ripples more
in movement to ease, no longer suffering.

17 October 2006

(copyright 2006 Kimberly Richardson)

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