Monday, November 18, 2013

John Gray from Timid Monster - Delightfully Weird and WONDERFUL!

So, I am still recovering from an awesome Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention this past weekend (if you missed it, make sure to show up for it in 2014!) and I have to admit that this year's con was the best ever! So many authors, artists, musicians and other delightfully strange and unusual people.

During this past weekend, I got to not only meet the brains behind a really, really, really cool film company known as Timid Monster that is located right here in Memphis, but also purchased a copy of their short film entitled Avarice and signed up for their newsletter that included a free download of the short film John Gray - soon to be a full length feature.

After watching John Gray with my headphones on so that I could not hear my dishwasher in my kitchen, I was stunned and amazed at such a short yet very Steampunk-ish film that gave me just enough to whet my appetite.

John Gray has it all: contraptions, explosions, a never forgotten past, eccentric characters, cool Gothic costumes and above all else, hope for a better future. This short film will leave audiences wanting more and I hope we get to experience more of John Gray and his odd life very soon!

So, thank you, Timid Monster, for creating such a delightfully odd film!

I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with next!

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