Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hip Movie Review - An Education

I just finished watching the film An Education starring Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard and WOW, I am blown away by such a superb film!

An Education is based on the memoir of British journalist Lynn Barber during the year 1961 in London when Jenny, a young and headstrong girl who is pressured to attend Oxford by her domineering father, meets the charming and quite charismatic David, an older man who literally sweeps her off her feet. Thanks to David, Jenny is exposed to French music, culture, drinking, sex and other forms of her "education" of the real world . . . until it all comes crashing down.

The soundtrack will take you back to 1961within a few notes and leave you wanting more; in fact, I am currently listening to Juliette Greco, one of the French singers that Jenny loves to hear in the movie. Sous Le Ciel De Paris is now one of my favourite songs:

Take a look at the trailer below and then go out and see this film! It is worth "an education"!

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