Sunday, October 13, 2013

For the Love of Mushrooms

When I was younger, I HATED mushrooms. I thought them to be the foulest thing ever. I could never understand why people loved eating them; even my mother loved making stuffed mushrooms. I knew that those little things would never enter my mouth.

However . . . .

Years later, while visiting my parents, my mother grilled portobello caps for roasted veggie sandwiches and asked if I wanted to take one home. I said yes, although I knew I was not going to enjoy it. So, I brought the delicious smelling sandwich home, unwrapped it and bit into it. Seconds later, after devouring the entire sandwich, I called my mother and asked her if the sandwich had the mushroom in it. When she said yes and that I watched her grill the mushrooms, I then informed her that I did not eat a mushroom but rather a really tasty patty that took the place of the mushroom that she OBVIOUSLY forgot to place in my sandwich.

Long story short - I now LOVED mushrooms.

How could something that looked so strange taste so delicious? How could something that made me cringe make me want more in my belly?

Since that time, I have eaten portobello, crimini, oyster, chanterelles, white and many other mushrooms, joined the Cumberland Mycological Society of Tennessee, met Eugenia Bone, author of the book Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms and even have friends send photographs of mushrooms that they have taken just for me!

Now, whenever I go hiking, my eyes wander all over the place, searching for things that people would overlook; mushrooms are one of those hidden pockets of magick that catches my eye every so often. Although I have not been on a true mushroom foray, I still enjoy my discoveries.

So, without further ado, here are some of my mushroom photos!

(this was taken by a friend)

(gossiping mushrooms)

(grilled baby bellas - too delicious!)

(Shelby Forest - Tennessee)

(Life goes on . . . . )

(Shelby Farms - Tennessee)

(Such a FUN GUY - get it?)

(Chanterelles - expensive and they have a creamy peppery taste)

Happy Fungi!

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