Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bibliophile + Money + Library Book Sale = DANGEROUSLY FUN

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a certified bibliophile. I love books, love their smell and will spend most if not all of my money to purchase them.

So, it came as no surprise that I visited the Memphis Library Fall Book Sale today . . . . TWICE!

Not only did I pick out some really good books for my eBay store, Viridianbooks, but I also got to meet a woman from Russia, got in plenty of exercise (do you realize how HEAVY books are?!) and I also got called a "regular" by one of the library staff!

This sign brings a smile to my face:

It always feels like Christmas whenever I walk into the large room filled with books; the smell sends me into overdrive and immediately, I begin loading up my cart. So it was that, once I had filled up my rolling cart within twenty minutes, I paid for my books, dropped them off in Malachi (my demonic car) then turned right around and returned to the sale, where I took my time and sampled each literary delicacy with patience.

An hour and a half later, I paid for my second crate (yes I said CRATE) of books, loaded them into Malachi, who actually groaned, then drove for home where I proceeded to dump them all out on my living room floor:

Here are some of the cooler books I was able to snag during this sale:

I am a BIG fan of Nick Cave and heard that he had several books out there that were hard to find. Lucky ME!!

Lawrence of Arabia is my all time favourite movie; I have to grab any books about T.E. Lawrence!

I discovered Aubrey Beardsley while studying the Decadent Movement; his illustrations were way before their time. Also, The Rape of the Lock is just a way too cool poem!

I have been wanting to read this book for years.

Chuck Palahniuk. Need I say more?

Peter Sellers is one of my favourite actors!

I actually do have a preppy side to my life - no laughing!

I finally have my copy of DUNE!

The illustrations sold me on purchasing the book, plus I have always wanted to read this book.

Isak Dinesen is one of my favourite authors plus it is SEVEN Gothic tales - right up my alley.

If any of these books tempt your fancy, please check out my eBay store - VIRIDIANBOOKS! These books and all of the others I purchased today will be listed soon - check regularly for updates!

Happy Reading!

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