Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Summer of Cloar

In being an art junkie, I love discovering artists and the worlds they created. Thanks to the Brooks Museum of Art, I am now a lover of Carroll Cloar's(1913-1993) works! The 80+ paintings on display represent a man that wanted to show the world his version of the American South. While some of the paintings are bright in colour and emotion, others are muted yet they deliver feelings of history, wonder, memories, and realistic dreaming. Several of the paintings show a darker side to the South's history, yet there is light even among that darkness, bold enough to capture the interest of even the most cynical of viewers ('Halloween', for example). The history of the American South is filled with grand tales, heroic feats, dark victories and simple people with very un-simple lives. Cloar's works captured that and more. Although Cloar was born in Earle, AR, he spent most of his life in Memphis and several of the paintings at the Brooks display Memphis history, whether real or imagined. The exhibit at the Brooks will be on display until September 15th.

There are other galleries/museums throughout Memphis that are currently showing other pieces of Carroll Cloar. Do yourself a favour and visit them all!

David Lusk Gallery

Art Museum at The University of Memphis

Christian Brothers University 

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