Saturday, July 20, 2013

Music from My College Years and Beyond

I am 39 years old, which means that, YES!, I am a true Gen Xer. Having said that, I would like to share some of the music I used to (and still!) listen to when I attended American University (1992-1996) in Washington, DC.


Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up

The Pursuit of Happiness - Cigarette Dangles

Harry Connick Jr. - SHE

Machines of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings

Depeche Mode - Walking in my Shoes

Nirvana - Lithium

And so on and so on.

I listened to a variety of music that opened my eyes to a far larger world than I had encountered while in high school (all girls Catholic) and I was grateful for the exposure. Thankfully, my musical tastes are still quite eclectic and I'm still learning about new groups and genres.

Before I end this entry, I do want to post this last song. Thanks to a dear friend, I was introduced to the world of Kate Bush several years ago. This song, King of the Mountain, is by far my ALL TIME FAVOURITE song!

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