Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book Junkie Rules - RULE THREE

Rule #3 - A Book Junkie will try to befriend as many authors as possible!

(Me with author Dacre Stoker!)

Here is a list of my friends/associates/acquaintances/whatever who are also amazing authors. Check out their books today!

M.B. Weston

Allan Gilbreath - Dark Oak Press

D. Alan Lewis

Sean Taylor

Tommy Hancock - Pro Se Press

John Hartness

Teal Haviland

Natalie Bakopoulos

Barry Reese

Stephanie Osborn

Diana Rowland

Kimberly S. Daniels

Greg Hall

Alex Brown

J. L. Mulvihill

THE Rob Cerio

Bobby Nash

D. A. Adams

Barbara Friend Ish - Mercury Retrograde

Stephen Zimmer

Whew! I think that's enough for right now, wouldn't you agree?

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