Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Insightful Mrs. Dorothy Parker


While I am typing this blog post, I am watching the film Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle. Dorothy Parker was an amazing woman, filled with wit, sarcasm, humour, pain, and beautiful words.

In addition to watching this film, I would like to post one of my favourite poems written by her - Philosophy. If you have never read any of Mrs. Parker's work . . . . what are you waiting for?! Here's my own beaten up yet beloved copy of her work:

And now . . . PHILOSOPHY

If I should labour through daylight and dark,
Consecrate, valorous, serious, true,
Then on the world I may blazon my mark;
And what if I don't, and what if I do?

I wish I could have met you, Mrs. Dorothy Parker. . . . 

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