Saturday, June 29, 2013

Book Junkie Rules - FIRST RULE


My name is Kimberly Richardson.

I am a . . . (sigh) Book Junkie.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, I can get to the fun part! As a fully admitted Book Junkie, I want to let you, the novice book junkie, know that, YES!, you have what it takes to become a full fledged Book Junkie!

But Kimberly, you may be thinking (or not), how do I become a full fledged Book Junkie like you?

Glad you asked.

Today, while driving to Oxford, MS to visit one of my favourite bookstores, Square Books, I thought about what it would take to become a Book Junkie. And, I think I've got it. So, starting today, I will be posting the Book Junkie rules right here on The Nocturnal Aesthetic!

Ready? Let's begin!

Rule #1 - A Book Junkie must be able to fill the trunk of their car with books AT LEAST ONCE in their life!

And no, the first rule of a Book Junkie IS NOT "you do not talk about Book Junkie"!

Figured I would get that out of the way! (grin)

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