Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sci-Fi Con Life

Well, my year officially began on 4 January 2013: the date of my first sci-fi convention. This past weekend was ShadowCon located in my hometown of Memphis. Although the convention only lasts Friday and Saturday, it was packed to the brim with much fun, mayhem, oddities, excitement as well as provide an excellent opportunity to make new friends of like minds and spend time with old ones. Although this was my first time going to ShadowCon, it will not be the last.

I consider attending sci-fi conventions as my vacation from my normal world, a chance to spend time with geeks, gamers, Goths, SCAers, authors, artists and freaks who wave their flag proudly. When Friday comes for a particular con, I become excited and happy as I can't wait to see my friends and loved ones while thinking of the panels I will assisting, who will wear what costume, how many books photos will I be able to sell and if I will have enough money to purchase books, shirts and World of Warcraft figurines. We come together from all parts of the country Friday afternoon/evening and enjoy each other's company as much as possible. Saturday is our day to engage in our con-ness and party like there is no tomorrow, although there will be in the form of Sunday. When Sunday comes, the con goers know that it is a day to lower the adrenaline rush from yesterday, purchase all of the items you can and to spend one last time with friends before we return to our various corners of the map.

I don't really like to say goodbye on Sunday of a convention, rather see you next time, for that is only the truth. Due to my increasing con schedule, I know that the people I saw at ShadowCon will be seen again at Chattacon, Connooga, MidSouthCon and many others throughout the year. There is no goodbye, only see you soon.

So that is what I say to all of my friends, both newly made and old and lovely, at ShadowCon:

See You Soon!

The Con Life is the Life for me!

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