Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goth Comes to the Memphis Ornamental Metal Museum

I decided to visit the Memphis Ornamental Metal Museum the day before Christmas Eve, simply for the sake that I love this place! Where else can you go that has not only some of the coolest metal sculptures both inside the buildings and outside, but also offers a lovely view of the Mississippi River? Of course, I never need a reason to visit this place; I just show up and enjoy the metal delights. One of their current exhibits is Gothic Jewelry: Sinister Pleasures, showing now until 17 February 2013.

 I had to see this exhibit with my own eyes and I’m glad that I did. For those of you who enjoy the Goth subculture or who like the macabre every now and then, this exhibit is for you. There were many jewelry pieces made of various items ranging from metal to bones crafted into clawed rings, straight razor necklaces, brooches worn with only the finest black clothing and other pieces. If you visit the exhibit, be sure to pick up a copy of this exhibition catalogue to read more information about the pieces and their creators. A BIG thumbs up to the Metal Museum for providing this darkly beautiful exhibit!


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Emmeline Langelier said...

Fascinating, I learned some new things. I have a few small antique jet beads that I am hoarding. Gothic Jewelry