Monday, November 26, 2012

Quote from Swann's Way by Marcel Proust

And since the dream of a woman who would love me was always present in my mind, during those summers that dream was impregnated with the coolness of the running waters; and whichever woman I conjured up, clusters of violet and reddish flowers would rise immediately on either side of her like complementary colours.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chanterelles in November

Ever since I learned that mushrooms were not icky things but rather delicious and tantalizing pieces of Heaven, I have slowly made my way through the world of Fungus. First, I conquered the White Mushroom (not too hard to do!), followed by Portobello (yummy!), then Shiitake (YAY!) and Oyster (chewy) and now . . . . Chanterelles. So it was just my luck when, while walking through a Whole Foods grocery store, that I stumbled upon a lovelry bunch of chanterelles! Actually, I need to back up a bit: my obsession with chanterelles came from watching the film La Ceremonie. In one of the scenes, the two main female characters enjoyed freshly picked chanterelles that had been cooked in butter and garlic along with French bread. While I watched the women eating those golden little mushrooms, I knew I had to try them. Back to present: After purchasing a few of them ($29.99 a POUND!), I brought them home with glee, knowing that I was going to cook them soon. Well, soon turned into today. I cooked my little beauties with onions, garlic and olive oil and they smelled delightful!
Once cooked, I added the mixture to wild rice, sat down and bit down on a piece of chanterelle. The first thought I had was - CREAMY. Yes, apparently, mushrooms can be creamy. I chewed thoughtfully, swallowed, and then dumped the rest of the concoction onto my plate. I can now add chanterelles to my list of YEA BABY!

Beret Review - The Brilliance of Tiffany at the Brooks

What better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday than to spend it at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art! I always enjoy visiting the art museum whenever I need a "quick creative fix" or when I need a moment of peace and quiet. My latest visit to the Brooks, however, included the viewing of their latest exhibit: The Brilliance of Tiffany! From now until 13 January 2013, one can view several Tiffany lamps, silverware and other decorative arts pieces, plus view the process of making a Tiffany lamp as well as read a little history about Louis Comfort Tiffany!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Biblio Love - The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch

Newly retired and failed author Bradley Pearson wants nothing more than to sit down in a country home and write the book of his life. However, that is clearly out of the question as his best friend Arnold Baffin, wife Rachael and daughter Julian, his ex-wife Christian and brother Francis and his sister Priscilla and ex-husband Roger have other plans for him: their own mishandled and distorted lives. Welcome to The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch. As we travel along with Bradley, we watch him juggle his many affairs with friends and family members, not to mention a little love affair that turns out bigger than expected, at least on his side. As one reads this tightly and well written novel, one can not help but feel sorry for Bradley (Brad) and how he wants to be left alone. And yet, we also see that the more he wants to be left alone, the more he actually craves companionship in whatever form it comes in. Filled with quirky British humour, devastating moments and a few surprises at the end, The Black Prince is a novel that refuses to go quietly into the night, as well it shouldn't.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Biblio Love - Blind Date by Jerzy Kosinski

Every so often, I come across a book that has me saying things like, "wow", "what the?" and "really?" Blind Date by Jerzy Kosinski is one of those books. In this slim yet intriguing, engaging and well written novel we meet George Levanter: world traveler, investor of everything under the sun, lover of many women, sociopath, sometimes liar and manipulator and an all around guy of survival mentality. We learn of his many adventures all over the world, his somewhat detached relationships with women and his love of skiing. We also learn that he was his mother's lover for many years, raped a young girl when he attended camp as a teenager and survived horrible atrocities while still managing to come out on top. Jerzy Kosinski, author of such books Being There and The Painted Bird, does not leave anything to the imagination when it comes to Levanter's life and escapades. We must be ready for anything when it comes to Levanter, just like going on a blind date.

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