Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jim Buchman: Amazing Sculptor at Dixon

During my lunch break today, I decided to attend Dixon Gallery and Gardens' Munch and Learn and listen to sculptor Jim Buchman. Not only did I learn about the art of sculpting but also the mind of quite a creative soul. During his presentation, he showed photos of his tools, machinery and various sources of inspiration. As I listened to his presentation, I thought about my own creativity and how imagination is quite powerful. Thanks to Mr. Buchman's experiences in life and his exposure to the world, we are able to see the results in stone and concrete.
As I walked around the silent entities after the presentation, I enjoyed staring at the textures displayed, the colours exposed and hidden messages that were left to us to decipher. What made him create circles in one and swirls in another? What could Buchman see in his tower of concrete and stone that we could not?
At one point, the sun sent beams down on the statues, giving them a glow that seemed to go deep within and bring out every fleck and grain that demanded to be seen and revealed.
I especially liked the above photo because it looks to be unfinished or that perhaps Buchman did not feel like completing it, yet it was accidentally on purpose (he ran out of concrete). To me, however, it felt right that it was left unfinished with pipe exposed. Art was never supposed to be "clean" or "sanitized". Jim Buchman's enigmatic sculptures will be at the Dixon until the 2nd of December. If you find yourself in the Memphis area soon, do yourself a favour and visit! One last thing: Jim Buchman is an awesome person - I actually got his autograph in my journal!

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