Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beret Time - Celebration/Festen

This review comes literally seconds after watching the film The Celebration/Festen by director Thomas Vinterberg. . . . WOW! What a film! While watching more films to expand my eccentric horizons, I come across a film every so often that lingers in my mind hours and days after I have watched it. The Celebration/Festen is one of those films. Helge is turning 60 and everyone has been invited to the birthday celebration: his eldest son, Christian, who currently lives in France; his daughter, Helene, a worldly anthropologist and Michael, a rowdy, loud and arrogant son who is a horrible father and husband. The places have been set, the food has been prepared and yet a party can't be a party unless fireworks are involved. Thanks to Christian and his dead twin Linda, the birthday celebration will be anything but a "celebration". The acting was superb and well done while the camera's jerky movements gave the viewer an up close and very personal look at what happens when family lies are brought out to the light of day. This film is in Danish and some English with English subtitles yet hopefully that will not deter anyone from watching this raw film. Thumbs way up!

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