Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review - The Martian Women by Tyree Campbell

Tyree Campbell, the mastermind behind Sam's Dot Publishing, has done it again! If you are looking for a straight up science fiction story written well that leaves you wanting more, The Martian Women does not fail to satisfy. Meet Teresa "Traci" Minerva Timberlake, a woman that does not know the meaning of "can't". Thanks to discovering a secret to further space travel, she is sent to court in the hopes of suppressing such information for other humans living on Mars. Yet, thanks to being a fifth generation Martian woman, her deceased relatives' history on the Red Planet proves that blood is truly thicker than water or even a rocky planet. Campbell's writing is paced well while the story is fleshed out just enough so as to keep the interest level high. Once you reach the end, you will probably want to read it all over again. Sam's Dot Publishing is known for their novellas, magazines and novels of many genres, making sure that the reader will be up for many hours while steadily turning pages. I have read several of their titles plus featured my work in their magazines and they do not fail to disappoint me and my hunger for a great story to read. If you happen to attend a sci-fi convention in which Sam's Dot Publishing is listed as a vendor, stop by the table and pick up a copy of The Martian Women or any of their other titles. Also, tell Tyree that Viridian Girl says hi.

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