Friday, May 11, 2012

Lines - The Journalist by Harry Mathews

"The possibility had always been real. You never had to remind yourself of it. And it remains real. At such a moment, who are you? Where are you? You cannot dismiss the questions by observing that 'you' have become a mere object manipulated by the indifferent laws of physics. One part of you says that; another part listens. Who and where are they? What and where is your identity? What and where is that weaker being that struggles to survive your identity?"
Harry Mathews, a member of OULIPO, asks the question: how much is enough? Written in the style of Absurdism, the more absurd the situation became for the main character, the more "real" it was to him. There was never a limit as to how much he could create, yet when outside Reality came crashing down, the absurd manner in how it took place dissolved his "world".

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