Thursday, March 22, 2012

Glenn Gould and Me

I listened to Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations on the way to work today. It was that piece that introduced me to the eccentric and brilliant piano player. As I drove towards Downtown, I noticed the trees with their deep green bark and bright green leaves as a result of the rainstorm we had yesterday and last night. Such beauty and yet I wondered how many people actually took the time to look at it while on their way to wherever. Once I reached my parking garage, I walked along the sidewalk while noticing yet again the many patches of clover just by my feet. The clover was dressed in brilliant hues of green and it took all of my strength to continue walking towards the building where I work. Hours later, while listening to the Phoenix based classical music radio station KBAQ at my cubicle, my thoughts drifted towards the green clover, the cool and fresh air, the trees that are dressed in their 2012 Spring finery and Glenn Gould playing his heart out on the piano. I wished I could have met him; I would have let him know that he was not alone in the world. There are many more of his kind out there, just waiting to be acknowledged or perhaps simmering in their own glory, no matter the source. Bless the freaks for they know.

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