Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quotes from The Woman Destroyed by Simone De Beauvoir

"But I know that I shall move. The door will open slowly, and I shall see what there is behind the door. It is the future. The door to the future will open. Slowly. Unrelentingly. I am on the threshold. There is only this door and what is watching behind it. I am afraid. And I cannot call to anyone for help. I am afraid." - The Woman Destroyed

"Oh God. Let it be true that you exist. Let there be a heaven and a hell I'll stroll along the walks of Paradise with my little boy and my beloved daughter and they will all be writhing in the flames of envy I'll watch them roasting and howling I'll laugh I'll laugh and the children will laugh with me. You owe me this revenge, God. I insist that you grant it me." - The Monologue

"We are together: that is our good fortune. We shall help one another to live through this last adventure, this adventure from which we shall not come back. Will that make it bearable for us? I do not know. Let us hop so. We have no choice in the matter." - The Age of Discretion

I chose the final paragraphs as memorable quotes for the stories in this book because I felt that they powerfully represented the basis of each story. Each story contains a woman who has been wronged (or has she?) in some form and must make a choice, if indeed there is a choice to be made or if the choice in question is merely a figment of their degenerate imagination.

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Leo said...

All the books I've read from her have been of great influence in my life. But "The Woman Destroyed" changed everything for me.

I randomly ended up in here and I have to say reading that quote again, from that book really came on the right time for me...So, thanks so much for posting.