Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quotes from Keep The Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

"You'll find it in Lempriere," he said obscurely.

"And in a way this job was what he wanted; at any rate, it was some thing near what he wanted. Down there in Lambeth, in winter, in the murky streets where the sepia-shadowed faces of tea-drunkards drifted through the mist, you had a submerged feeling. Down here you had no contact with money or with culture. No highbrow customers to whom you had to act the highbrow: no one who was capable of asking you, in that prying way that prosperous people have, "What are you, with your brains and education, doing in a job like this?" You were just part of the slum, and, like all slum-dwellers, taken for granted. The youths and girls and draggled middle-aged women who came to the library scarcely even spotted the fact that Gordon was an educated man. He was just "the bloke at the library," and practically one of themselves."

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