Monday, October 24, 2011

Black Beret Review - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not is a 2002 French black comedy starring Amelie star Audrey Tatou and Brotherhood of the Wolf star Samuel Le Bihan. Tatou plays Angelique, a young free spirited artist in Paris who is completely in love with her suitor, cardiologist physician Loic Le Garrec, and will do anything to keep him close to her, even though he is married and expecting a child. Yet, as the movie progresses, Angelique becomes more and more desperate to hold onto her beau when he seems to place distance between them and their blossoming love. However, as I watched with peaked interest, all was not what it claimed to be and the “love” Angelique had for her suitor took a very dark turn for everyone involved, leading to murder, delivery of organs and the most unique usage of medication.
I am no stranger to Tatou’s work; she first charmed me in the movie Amelie and since then, I try to watch any movie that she appears in for I know that I will not be disappointed. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not did not disappoint as well, for it gave me a chance to watch Tatou perform in a very dark role yet still pull off the quirky charm so many people love her for. Samuel Le Bihan plays the cardiologist who loves his wife very much; it is his love for his wife that keeps him somewhat sane while Angelique tries to pull him away from his wife in an imaginary and psychotic attempt at love.
The movie is told from two points of view: first Angelique’s and then Loic’s followed by the progression and cohesion of the two viewpoints into quite a suspenseful yet obvious climax. A glance given by Loic at a party sends Angelique into a fantasy world of passion, romance and a love that will not die. All Loic sees, however, is a woman who will stop at nothing to posses something she did not have in the first place. Okay, although I don’t like giving away endings to movies, I will say this – if you do happen to watch the movie, pay attention to the very last scene. When the depths of Angelique’s psychosis unfolded, I actually laughed; the mind is a dangerous organ, capable of manipulation, deceit and lies. It came so natural to Angelique, a woman who is crazy in love.

Rating - A

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