Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Matcha in the Morning - Decadence, Anyone?

Here's a poem from one of the lesser known but still wonderful poets of the Decadent Movement - Michael Field, also known as Katherine Harris Bradley and her niece Edith Emma Cooper.

A Summer Wind
By Michael Field

O wind, thou hast thy kingdom in the trees,
And all thy royalties
Sweep through the land to-day.
It is mid June,
And thou, with all thy instruments in tune,
Thine orchestra
Of heaving fields and heavy swinging fir,
Strikest a lay
That doth rehearse
Her ancient freedom to the universe.
All other sound in awe
Repeats its law:
The bird is mute; the sea
Sucks up its waves; from rain
The burthened clouds refrain,
To listen to thee in thy leafery,
Thou unconfined,
Lavish, large, soothing, refluent summer wind.

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