Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lunchtime Adventure - Cotton Museum

For my lunchtime excursion today, I decided to visit the Cotton Museum on Union Avenue in Downtown Memphis. Cotton, as many people might know, was and still is quite a cash crop in the South. Without the industry, Memphis would not be what it is now. The museum proved to be well worth the $10 admission fee, for it is divided between two rooms: the history of cotton in the South and the importance of cotton today. The entire museum can be viewed in about an hour with time to spare to walk through the gift shop and to take many photos of the bales of cotton lying around. You can also touch several samples of cotton in its various forms. During my initial visit, I learned about the importance of cotton as well as the many, many uses of cottonseed, like being an ingredient in nail polish, cosmetics, cooking oil, feed for livestock, plastics, topsoil and others. Blues and Country music stemmed from poor whites and blacks whose lives were influenced by cotton and even our Carnival Memphis was based from an effort to increase cotton usage by the masses. Make a plan to stop by the museum and take a trip through cotton history!

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