Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Matcha In The Morning

For today's pick-me-up, I figured a nice bit o' poetry would do the job. Here is the poem To A Lady Who Said It Was Sinful To Read Novels by Christian Milne. Enjoy!

To A Lady Who Said It Was Sinful to Read Novels
By Christian Milne

To love these books, and harmless tea,
Has always been my foible,
Yet will I ne’er forgetful be
To read my Psalms and Bible.

Travels I like, and history too,
Or entertaining fiction;
Novels and plays I’d have a few,
If sense and proper diction.

I love a natural harmless song,
But I cannot sing like Handel;
Deprived of such resource, the tongue
Is sure employed — in scandal.

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