Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creative Spotlight - Laura Garabedian

In being a guest at sci-fi and fantasy conventions, I do have the pleasure of meeting other guests, artists, writers and other colourful people from time to time. While attending Duckon in Schaumburg, IL this past weekend, I met one creative and highly talented artist – Laura Garabedian. As I walked by her booth in the Dealer’s Room, my eyes instantly went to her wide array of colourful mugs, magnets and prints. I immediately purchased a magnet with a teapot and beautiful bird painted on it as well as a delightful mug to satisfy my tea enjoyment (photo above). Ms. Garabedian was quite pleasant and nice to talk to and I know I will be purchasing more of her work in the not too distant future. Click HERE for her website and enjoy!

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