Monday, May 2, 2011

Tea Taste - Mark T. Wendell Tea Company Russian Caravan

Tea Taste: Mark T. Wendell Tea Company Russian Caravan

I had heard about the fabled and legendary Russian Caravan tea blend by way of other tea companies’ websites as well as reading my many books on tea, so of course, I had to try it. I decided to make my first taste of this tea through the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company, hailing from Acton, Massachusetts. When my box arrived, I made my first cup at work, not really knowing what to expect but still optimistic about the initial taste of it. My first cup of the blend was dark amber in colour, smooth and of velvet; I was now more than convinced that my first cup of the blend would be a good one.

Fist Sip: The blend was much lighter than British Breakfast with hints of a fruity aftertaste, of which appeared to be stronger with every sip without going overboard. This was definitely a tea that could be enjoyed either in the morning or in the afternoon for a quick pick me up. I found myself draining the cup and immediately wanting another. Although I had sugar with my tea, this blend could also be enjoyed without any form of sweetener. This blend could easily be my morning go to; usually, black teas cause my stomach to feel quite queasy in the morning but I did not find this to be the case with this blend. As stated before, it was quite smooth without any harsh overtones or any smoky aftertaste. All in all, an excellent blend from an excellent company.

Happy Cups!

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