Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Review- The Night in Question by Tobias Wolff

Tobias Wolff’s The Night In Question is a collection of short stories, each capturing a distinct moment of Time on this planet. From a man who bites a dog in order to save his daughter to the last seconds of a man before he dies, Wolff takes these random moments and freezes them forever to preserve their unique charm. I was first introduced to Wolff through his book Old School and have loved him ever since. He writes with clarity and depth through concise sentences that will remind a reader of Ernest Hemingway and yet so much more. The stories of average people with average lives are worth a damn; through Wolff, there is no other option.

Some stories that stood out as classics and typical Wolff were The Life of the Body, Migraine, The Chain and Bullet in the Brain. The Life of the Body tells the story of what happens when one risks it all for something that may or may not be worth it. Migraine is of friendship and the unusual ties that bind it. The Chain is when “pay it forward” goes horribly wrong. Finally, Bullet in the Brain reveals that sometimes, the smallest memories are the most cherished. Tobias Wolff is clearly a master of the short story; The Night in Question is only substantial evidence of said talent. I look forward to visiting him again very soon.

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