Saturday, March 5, 2011

Book Review - The Sticks by Andy Deane

Let me get right to the point: Andy Deane’s book The Sticks is one hell of a ride werewolf novel. Brian, the narrator and all around slacker who is still a good guy at heart, leaves a party one night after being hoisted out by the host, affectionately known as Lisp. Several hours later, he discovers that Alicia, his recent ex-girlfriend who attended the party with him, has disappeared. What follows next is a roller coaster ride leading Brian and his friend and later girlfriend Jessica through a nightmare that is headed by werewolves that are not sexy, charming, mysterious or even likable. These werewolves are mean, vicious, cruel, destructive, and just pure evil . . . and I loved it! The 210-page novel will keep you turning pages till the very end and even when it ends, you wish there was more to it.
Deane, the front man for the dark alternative band Bella Morte (I am a BIG fan), has crafted a werewolf novel that will appease lovers of classic horror and gore movies, as well as those who just like a damn good werewolf that rips its prey to shreds without any form of nicety. Brian’s narration is at times funny when he compares people and situations to quite ridiculous things, but his voice is one of an average guy who just happened to get caught up in a worse case scenario of the worst kind. When I read the book, I felt as though I was actually listening to Deane tell a really cool story he overheard one night while on the road touring with his band. I could truly believe in his werewolves; they did not come from supernatural means but more of a bad case of rabies, making it all the more believable and terrifying. One major point with me was that when the werewolves died, they simply died. There was nothing supernatural about their bloody death, making it all the more plausible that this story could have happened in any small town in the United States. Big thumbs up to Deane for keeping me entertained all the way through and I can’t wait to read his future books. You rock!

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Livingsword said...

Nicely crafted review…only one question…was the party they had been at a tea party with Dragonwell Tea?