Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So. Wednesday night at home and I am still recovering from an awesome time down in HOTlanta at AnachroCon, the premiere Steampunk con in the Southeast! The past weekend was filled to the brim with music, gaiety and goggles! So much to see and do, not to mention that yours truly was a Literary Guest! However, I want to point out the highlights for me:

1) Finally, after months of hearing about them, I finally had my chance to listen to and meet the punk cabaret group Frenchy and the Punk! If you like quirky music set with awesome lyrics and a voice that sounds like red silk drenched in absinthe, then this band is for you! I purchased three of their CDs and they are already my favourites in my music library. My hat is off to you and I can't wait to see you again!

2) In being a guest at conventions, I get to meet swank people from time to time. One in particular that I want to mention is Emilie Bush, author of the book Chenda and the Airship Brofman. She is always a delight to be around and is also one heck of an author! If you've not read her book, pick up a copy at

3) It still amazes me to no end to see people in their creative best, especially when it comes to Steampunk "fashion". This year's AnachroCon proved just that as people from all backgrounds showed off their finest. I was so amazed at the level of creativity that even I began working on my own costume, of which I hope will be ready by DragonCon later this year. But, yes, The Goth Librarian was most impressed with what people did with corsets, top hats, goggles, gears and anything else under the sun. Simply marvelous.

4) Ever wonder who cleans up the mess after a sci-fi convention? Well, Bob and Carl, of course! That's right, the creators of the hilarious show Bob and Carl: Sci-Fi Janitors was on site this past weekend with videos and shirts! I even got my picture taken with Carl . . . or was it Bob? (grin)

Once again, a fine time was had by all and I can't wait for AnachroCon 2012! A BIG thanks to both Cindy and William for an awesome time. Cheers!

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