Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tea Taste - Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice Herbal Tea

Ah yes, there is nothing finer than enjoying a cup of hot tea on a cold December night. It really is quite a pleasure. However, it only adds to the experience when one is drinking a particular blend of tea. Tonight, I am having a lovely (and now cold!) cup of Celestial Seasonings’ Sugar Plum Spice Herbal Tea. To be quite honest, I wasn’t too sure as to the taste when I first purchased it but now, after three cups since purchase, I am glad I made the choice. The plum flavour does stand out, along with the cinnamon, hibiscus and cardamom in every cup; I just prepared my second cup for the night since I will be probably be up for some time working on my latest manuscript. Bringing the cup to my nose gives me a chance to savour the flavours and enjoy the quite fragrant aroma before sipping it delicately. Yes, I enjoy my tea just that much. In any case, this is a nice blended holiday tea that will go well with shortbread or by itself; the flavour makes it quite a nice dessert tea. It’s also good to drink at night since it is herbal and no caffeine; you can drink as many cups as you want with no worry of staying up half the night jittery. So, no matter what your religious (if any) background, do yourself a favour and get a box of this tea to enjoy with a good book or with good friends during these cold nights and perhaps the Sugar Plum Faery will stop by for a chat as well.

Happy Cups!

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