Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remembrance - A Poem

I wrote this poem for my grandfather's funeral.

I look down at my feet and see that now
There is only one set for footprints.
I must carry on, for my own sake
Because he would have wanted it that way.
Each step claims to be heavier than the last;
Each mile professes to be harder than the last
And yet I still walk on, never giving in
To the doubts that exist.
My skin is tough but strong under the sun,
My eyes still focused after all these years
And my mind is still sharp, a trait he gave me
So long ago.
With every step, I say goodbye to him,
With every breath, I proclaim his name.
I look down and still see
The single set of footsteps;
A sign that my Life has barely begun.
And still, though I now walk alone,
I can feel his breath upon me, cooling my skin
And protecting my eyes.
Here was his life, in good and bad,
Here was his mark among so many others
That failed to dim or crack under the weight of the world.
With every step, I shall never forget him.
With every breath, I shall remember him,
With every Life, his memory shall live on.

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