Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tea Taste - Japanese Sencha

Japanese Sencha is green tea that is made from dried leaves that have not been ground up, giving the tea (in my opinion) a more intense flavour than other green teas without being too bitter or overpowering. I purchased my box of 100 Sencha tea bags at Great China Food Mart here in Memphis, TN (such a cool place!) for $3.25. This was my first time trying Japanese Sencha, although I have tried Japanese Matcha before. Japanese Matcha, for those of you who don’t know, is tea made from powered tealeaves. The taste is quite strong and bitter but it still has a great flavour. I had the pleasure of drinking Japanese Matcha at a Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Matsuri Japanese Festival in Phoenix, AZ (awesome city!)

When I made my first cup of Sencha, the liquor began as a pale green that slowly changed to a golden green colour while giving off a clean scent with a touch of green (slightly like hay but lighter). Usually, I let my tea bags steep between 204 minutes, but I found that you could let the bag stay in a bit longer without causing the tea to go bitter.

First Sip – All I could think of was mellow and relaxation with a fresh taste in a good way. There were also hints of a fruit like essence that I found to be quite pleasing. Although I have not tried it yet, this tea would be good without any sugar. This tea is a nice alternative to regular green tea; sometimes green tea is too harsh for me with a strong taste of hay.

Japanese Sencha, or at least the kind I purchased, is a nice and welcomed change. I have already given it a nickname – Hippie Tea. Every single time I drink it, I feel extremely relaxed and just darn happy. Of course, I feel that way when I drink any kind of tea, but this one is special.

Rating – A+

Happy Cups!

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