Friday, December 18, 2009

Philosophical Moment

Recently, my life went through several changes. However, it is because of those changes that I once again understand just why I am on this planet and where my responsibilities lie. No one can predict what may occur in our lives, nor can one prepare for any situation, be it good or bad. However, we as human beings can enjoy the gifts laid out before us, even if the "gift" is a terrible one. These gifts give us knowledge and strength when we least expect it and that, my dear readers, is a wonderful thing.

One of my favourite blogs is Beyond Growth and today, I wanted to share with you their latest post. Although I am at work, this post compelled me to express my own feelings in my journal and here as well. I hope that you will take the time read what they had to say and perhaps you too will get a little something out of it as well.

I will leave you with this - I know who I am. I know my path and what I must do. The question however is: do you?

Have a wonderful holiday, no matter your religious background, and look for another book review from me soon!

Beyond Growth - Which is More Real?