Saturday, June 27, 2009

Library Project - Universities in Memphis, TN

Ah, there is nothing finer than walking on the campus of a college or university; hallowed halls seeking to enrich the hungry minds of students ready to make a difference (or not!) in the world of the past, present, and hopefully future. Being the literary nerd, walking on a university/college campus reminds me of my days as a wet behind the ears college student at American University, ready to tackle the world as well as immerse myself in knowledge. I also enjoy universities and colleges for another reason . . . . their LIBRARIES!

As many of you know, I simply drool whenever I walk by a library or bookstore. They are one of many keys in Life whose purpose is to unlock minds, furthering their capacities and potentials for a better way of life. Several years ago, I decided to begin a Library Project; taking photos of libraries both near and far as a way of archiving what sadly might become extinct. As we live in the Digital Age, the need for books is slowly being replaced with the Internet. I wanted to share with others my love for the Library as well as possibly offer some good places to stop by and visit if one is visiting said town.

Today, I decided to crawl through the streets of my city, Memphis, TN, and give readers a view of not only some of our universities but their libraries as well. Featured in my Myspace photo album is Christian Brothers University, University of Memphis (another alma mater of mine! GO TIGERS!), and The Georgetown of the South – Rhodes College. So, sit back with nice cup of tea or cold glass of water, and enjoy my photos!

For the record: I am GLOWING from this morning.


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