Monday, February 16, 2009

Violin - A Flash Story

I play the violin at night because the darkness is better for my fingers. I can actually feel the night surround my strings like silk, and I am grateful for it. Tonight is a special night for me, since she will be there to hear me play. I was not sure about the invitation but after listening to her reasons for doing so, I told her yes. I am afraid and yet I know what I am doing. This is the moment I have waited for, the moment when my violin will be heard by not just me and the creatures of the night. However, I wonder what happen to me afterwards once the concert is over. She told me that it would be painless but I think differently. I am not knowledgeable about such matters but she told me that she has done it before and every time, the artist was forever grateful for what she did. Perhaps I am thinking like a frightened child rather than an adult who is no longer afraid of the shadows. I play at night so there is no reason for such fear. She will come when the moon is full and she will hear me play. And then, when the last note has been played by my calloused fingers, she will take me away. I think I shall close my eyes when it happens. May the god have mercy . . . no, perhaps it would be better if I leave them out of this. This is between her and me.

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