Thursday, December 27, 2007

Margot at the Wedding


I just came from Studio on the Square, one of Memphis' movie theatres and one of two in the city that show foreign and indie movies, watching Margot at the Wedding, a new film with Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black.

Nicole Kidman plays Margot, a writer who obviously has problems (she thinks that everyone talks about her and she constantly insults those closest to her) who goes home to visit her sister, Pauline (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who is about to marry Malcolm (Jack Black), a man who has no direction, no goals in life but can dish out the best in depressing white male "the world is so against me" personality. It is obvious that the two sisters were close and yet not at the same time since the two insult and love each other within seconds. Some of the scenes were just too painful and raw to watch but it was those scenes that offer the viewers a good look into a family that might seem familiar; someone you know or even your own.

Margot constantly insults and praises her son Claude, a young man who is more mature than she gives him credit for and in the end, decides to send to him to Vermont to her husband whom she may or may not be divorcing so as to be with her lover.

After reading the reviews, I wanted to see this movie for myself and make my own judgments. Well, it appears that the reviews were right after all; this IS a very dark, dark comedy, filled with insults, taunts, and moments that will leave you speechless and feeling vulnerable and embarrassed for the characters as they struggle with their daily and moment by moment feelings of love and pain.

Honestly, I loved this movie. The director (who also directed The Squid and the Whale - another great movie) did an excellent job of portraying such raw feelings in people.

Yes, I am one of those liberal, trendy "I love indie movies and wear black all of the time" person. I make no apologies for what I like. Although I enjoy fluff and mindless action with lots of FX just like anyone else, I also enjoy movies that are thought provoking, dark and bleak, and too emotionally painful to watch. Margot at the Wedding is a dark gem in the rough.

Absinthe Dreams to you all. . . .

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